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Hillary has two-word response on how she'd redo the election

Hillary Clinton cited Russian meddling and FBI Director Comey's letters to Congress while discussing her loss in the 2016 election at Wellesley college Thursday. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton is opening up about what she would do differently if she had the 2016 election to do over, and she hasn't lost her confidence despite suffering a crushing loss. She gave just a two-word response.

"I'd win."

Clinton made the comment in response to a student during a question and answer period as she spoke at Wellesley College Thursday. Witnesses told NBC News that she said she underestimated how Russian meddling would influence the election. She also blamed the statements from FBI Director Comey about investigations into her emails as the cause of her loss.

"The whole thing felt pretty relaxed," said Wellesley freshman Emily Prechtl. "Secretary Clinton clearly had a sense of humor that we were all needing at the time, and she refused to call Trump by name instead calling him her opponent."

She said this "got a lot of laughs."

Recent Wellesly grad Rachel Funk posted about the event from her Twitter account.

"There is only one other place I'd rather be," Hillary joked, according to Funk, apparently referring to the Oval Office that President Trump is currently enjoying.

She also talked about women in politics, according to Funk, saying, "you have to be willing to take a lot of unfair criticism." She advised women to not underestimate the value of stubbornness.

Clinton lost to Trump in the electoral college 227 votes to 304, despite winning the popular vote by 2% over the upstart real estate mogul. Pundits point out that the election came down to three states that flipped from Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where the margins were so small that Hillary could have won all three states by just turning 77,000 votes.

In the aftermath of the election, many blamed arrogance and neglect by the Hillary campaign for losing three states so pivotal to Trump's victory.

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