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UPDATE: Amash is so dedicated to his job that he cried after missing his first vote in Congress

Since his arrival in Congress in 2011, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) had not missed a single vote, totaling some 4,289 votes. He was so disappointed, he tweeted an apology to his district. (J. Scott Applewhite, The Associated Press file photo)

If there are people who take their job more seriously than Rep. Justin Amash, you would be hard pressed to find them.

According to Politico, Amash was in the middle of speaking to reporters Friday, lambasting the GOP's health care bill, The American Health Care Act — he has dubbed it Obamacare 2.0 — when he asked a reporter what vote they were on. He was informed  that it was the second amendment in the vote series, causing Amash to sprint for the chamber where he attempted to put his card in the voting slot. Sadly, the vote had closed.

Amash then asked leadership if they could either re-open the vote, or call for the vote again. As there is no precedent for doing so, Amash was out of luck. Incredibly saddened, he reportedly hung his head and began to weep.

This hit Amash so hard because since he arrived in Congress in 2011, he had not missed a single vote, totaling some 4,289 votes. Now, due to this misstep, Amash's record, and his point of pride, is now broken.

Amash tweeted an apology to his district shortly after.

The title for longest voting streak belongs to Rep. Steve Womack of Arkansas, who immediately released a statement that added insult to Amash's injury.

“I have been sent to Washington by Third District Arkansans to make sure their voices are heard; voting is fundamental to that duty,” Womack said in a statement released just moments after the episode. “I am humbled by the opportunity to serve my constituents and thank God that no personal hardships have kept me from representing them on a single vote since taking office.”

Regardless of Amash's record now being broken, the emotional outburst by Amash is a testament to his dedication as a congressman.

UPDATE: Contradicting reports have surfaced, claiming Politico's report about Amash's emotional outburst are in fact false. Haley Byrd of IJReview, who was present during the episode report that Amash, while upset, did not cry at all.

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