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Shia LeBeouf raised secret flag to protest Trump. See what pro-Trump Americans replaced it with.

US actor Shia LaBeouf(L) during his He Will Not Divide Us livestream outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, in the Queens borough of New York January 24, 2017 as a protest against President Donald Trump. LaBeouf has installed a camera at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York that will run a continuous live stream for the duration of Trumps presidency. LaBeouf is inviting the public to participate in the project by saying the phrase, He will not divide us, into the camera. / AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Actor Shia LeBeouf has been outspoken in his opposition to President Donald Trump.

In response to Trump winning the White House, LeBeouf announced that he wanted to a create a protest that went the duration of Trump's presidency. His protest project began at the New York's Museum of the Moving Image. LeBeouf wanted to post a 24/7 livestream of protesters chanting, "He will not divide us."

But after 21 days in New York, the city shut down his protest, citing an "ongoing public safety hazard." LeBeouf was even arrested one time for assaulting a counter-protester.

After NYC closed LeBeouf's art exhibit, he moved his protest to Albuquerque, New Mexico. But it was shut down late last month after gun shots were heard near the exhibit.

LeBeouf relaunched the project earlier in March, this time from an "unknown location." The protest was a 24/7 lifestream of a white flag with the same rallying cry from New York: "He will not divide us."

But despite being placed in an undisclosed location, according to Heat Street, internet trolls from 4Chan were still able to locate the flag.

More from Heat Street:

The search began on March 8 and was immediately narrowed when Labeouf was spotted on social media at a diner in Greenville, Tennessee, although some in the thread still believed the flag was in the Great Lakes area due to wind patterns. The time of the sunset in Greenville matched with the time of sunset on the stream, and so did the weather on local weather reports.

4channers began looking into flight patterns. One of the few clues available on the stream were the contrails left by airplanes. Greenville was finally confirmed as the location after two planes observed on online flight radars intersected over the town and were seen on the stream.

Finally when three planes flew over the area, 4channers were able to triangulate an approximate location of the flag.

In addition, the 4Chan users used the night sky's constellations to help narrow down the area they believed the flag was located in. Finally, they had one user who lived in the area to drive by the area where they believed the flag to be to honk his horn to see if the noise could be heard on LeBeouf's livestream.

After scoping out the area where the flagpole was located — on someone's private property — the 4Chan users took down the "He will not divide us" flag and replaced it with one of Trump's famous "Make America Great Again" red hats and a Pepe the frog t-shirt.

Watch the hilarious moment below:

LeBeouf's livestream was taken down on Friday, but was later put up again only to show an empty flagpole.

LeBeouf has yet to publicly respond to the incident.

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