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Watch: See what happens when wild wolves race a car on Canadian highway

Wolf races a car in Canada's Northwest Territories. (Image source: YouTube)

Two wolves barreling down a major highway may sound like a bizarre scene, but it’s just another day for the good people of northwest Canada.

Rhonda Miller was on her way to her job in Edzo, Canada, located in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories, when she noticed two wolves running at full speed down Highway 3. Miller successfully pulled alongside one of the wolves and filmed the animal as it continued to run down the major regional highway.

“I was so struck by the size of their heads and their jaws,” Miller told CBC News.

Miller says “many men” have asked her how fast she was going when she drove beside one of the wolves in the video, but she’s not entirely sure of her top speed.

“So many men have asked, how fast were they going?” said Miller. “Had I been a man, I may have looked. I don’t know. I think between [25 and 30 mph] … it was fast.”

Edzo is located in one of the most remote areas of North America and is closer to Alaska than it is to Toronto.

Canada has a very large wolf population, thanks in large part to sustained conservation efforts. According to the International Wolf Center, there are 53,600-57,600 wolves in Canada, and the “population trend” listed by the IWC is “stable/increasing.”

The most commonly found species of wolf in Canada is the gray wolf, which is listed as game species throughout most of the country.

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(H/T: UPI)

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