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Watch: Man hilariously fights owl home invader — two creatures enter, but only one can win

Owl invades Colton Wright's home. (Colton Wright/Storyful/KTRK-TV)

Colton Wright was enjoying a peaceful night in when things suddenly took a hilarious turn for the worse. A pesky owl had somehow made its way into Wright’s house, and despite much pleading, refused to leave without a fight.

Please be advised the following video contains some offensive language and an aggressive owl staredown.

“Oh, it’s ok,” Wright told the owl as he carefully moved the bird outside. “Please don’t give me that look.”

Wright claims to have battled with the winged creature for more than 40 minutes before successfully moving the owl outside his window on a Swiffer he found in his kitchen.

The incredible video was posted to Wright’s YouTube account on Tuesday, and it’s already been viewed more than 6 million times.

Owls generally don’t pose a risk to humans, but some owls are more dangerous than you might think.

Writing for the Bismarck Tribune, Allan Van Norman explained, “An owl attack will hurt—a lot. It can cause serious and permanent injury. More than one person has lost sight in an eye to an irate owl.”

“When an owl is killing something, it does so by grabbing it with both feet and hanging on until its prey suffocates or bleeds to death,” wrote Van Norman.

Van Norman also said it’s typically illegal to harm or capture an owl.

“It is not legal to molest, capture, injure or kill any owl,” Van Norman wrote. “It is not even legal to possess a part of an owl, even a feather, without a permit.”

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