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Governor Abbott tweets about an awesome store sign that lets you know you're in Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweets in support of open and concealed carry gun rights in his state. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Gov. Greg Abbott loves Texas and you can tell by his Twitter account, where he often posts odes to the "Lone Star State." But gun-grabbing liberals may not appreciate his latest act of Texan pride.

He posted a tweet from a store boasting of its open and concealed carry policy.

His message read, "You know you're in Texas when you see signs like this."

Te sign read, "Lawful open and concealed carry is welcome here! We refuse to be a disarmed victim zone. Help keep our town safe and crime free. Keep your weapon holstered unless the need arises."

Abbott has been a stalwart defender of gun rights. In 2015, he made it clear that Texas would have none of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's plan for a national "gun buy-back"  program. He also signed a 2015 law allowing concealed carry permit holders to possess a handgun on colleges and universities.

Economist John Lott Jr. explained the reasoning that led lawmakers and communities to support open and carry conceal weapon policies.

It is a fact that in communities where citizens have been granted licenses to carry concealed weapons and are not restricted from keeping loaded guns in their homes, crime rates drop. Such conditions have proven to be a deterrent to crimes, such as home invasions, burglaries, muggings and car-jackings because criminals will not risk being confronted by a victim's firearm. Tightening laws restricting the use and possession of firearms does not protect average law-abiding citizens; it only puts them at greater risk.

Abbott, a Republican, has also lead the fight against progressive transgender bathroom policies, sanctuary cities helping illegal immigrants escape federal authorities, and even criticized a "faithless elector" who tried to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

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