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CPS takes Ohio child after parents refuse to have their child evaluated on school's insistence

The Camden family whose 7-year-old son Camden was taken by CPS due to a disagreement on the mental condition of the child.

One set of parents in Ohio is outraged after Child Protective Services took their child from his home on what many would call extremely flimsy grounds. According to these parents, CPS removed their 7-year-old child from their home after they refused to have their child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on the school's insistence.

Camden Maple is a typical young boy, according to his stepmother, Katie Maple. He's energetic and "rambunctious," acting out in class when he gets bored "like children sometimes do." According to her, the Bowman Primary School in Lebanon, Ohio believes his rambunctious side stems from ADHD. According to the Maples, Camden's behavior stems from not being challenged in the classroom.

Todd Yohey, Superintended of Bowman Primary, refused to comment as to  what disruptive behaviors Camden exhibited that caused the school to suggest a doctor's visit, citing confidentiality laws.

According to the Maples, the school attempted several times to get the Maples to have their son diagnosed with ADHD and medicated, but they refused. As Katie Maple stated on her GoFundMe page, "we as parents do not have the problems the school claims to have with him, at home. We know how to deal with a rambunctious 7 year old, but the school is content with making him believe that he is a bad child, we disagree."

Maple says on her GoFundMe that one day, Camden was sent into the counselor's office after he was allegedly disruptive, and decided to get a rise out of her.

The last week of February Camden got sent to the office for being disruptive in class. Upon meeting with the school counselor, Camden stated that he was upset because he felt that he was bad and wanted to erase himself from the earth. The counselor asked him how he would do that and he stated that he would stab himself in the eye with a knife. My husband immediately went to school and got Camden. We had a long conversation with him when he got home to find out what was going on. Camden said that he did not want to hurt himself and just said that because he was upset and wanted to see what the counselor would say. The school thought we should have taken him to the hospital emergency room for a mental health evaluation, but upon assessing the situation and speaking to him at home, it was clear to us that he posed no threat to himself and just said it to get a rise out of the counselor. He has never said anything about harming himself prior to this incident or after. This was one time, one day...most likely repeating something he heard somewhere.

The parents' refusal to take the boy to the hospital for evaluation reportedly did not sit well with the school, who had an official call the Maples the following morning, asking what the parents and the boy talked about when they got home. The Maples refused to give any details into the family conversation with Camden, saying it was private family business.

This apparently caused the school to call CPS.

"All Ohio school employees are mandated reporters. If a school employee suspects abuse or neglect, they are mandated by Ohio law to file a report with Child Protective Services," says Yohey. "Failure to do so can result in severe penalties, including criminal charges and loss of license. If a school employee filed a report in this case, abuse or neglect was suspected or evident."

CPS in turn called the Maples about a "neglect allegation," and told the parents that they wanted to stop by the home and investigate the school's claim, which the parents denied.

"An investigation would impose on our right to privacy, our fundamental right of child rearing and medical decision making on behalf of our child, all of which have already been written into case law," says Katie.

According to the Maples' GoFundMe page, two weeks later, on March 3rd, a CPS worker called the Maples, notifying them that they had an "emergency shelter care" hearing in court later that same afternoon.

The father, Christian Maple, told TheBlaze that the school had made five allegations about them as parents to CPS, including allegations of sexual and physical abuse, and starving the child. Without any investigation into these claims, the court ordered the boy removed from the home due to his condition, and placed at his grandparents home where the parents could have supervised visits every Monday.

Yohey, however, states that the conclusions and actions CPS took are all their decision alone. "I do not know the reason(s) why CPS decided to remove Camden from his parents," he told TheBlaze in an email.

"They are alleging that Camden has a mental condition (without ever speaking to him or as so much as laying an eye on him) so severe that it warrants removing him from his home and family and placing him in the care of children services," says Katie. "They have zero proof of any such condition and zero proof of any parental wrongdoing, but yet the court ordered him removed? How can this be? How can CPS get away with ripping children from loving homes without just cause?"

Maple says that her lawyer has suggested that CPS has not at all followed protocol, and having no case for abuse or neglect have begun attempting to find an excuse. Maple says the court has ordered she and her husband to undergo alcohol and drug tests, as well as mental health screenings.

Christian told TheBlaze that CPS has filed a petition to return custody of Camden to the Maple family, but he's not sure whether the court will grant the petition or not. Regardless of the outcome, Christian plans to file suits against CPS, the court, and the school.

"The school is the underlying issue," Christian told TheBlaze. "They're promoting his bad behavior. Reinforcing his bad behavior. The issue is with the school. Five allegation - all came from the school. All false."

According to Christian, Camden's teachers have been abusive to him in the past, such as screaming at him so loudly that other teachers could hear it, and allowing other students to bully him. Christian alleges that at one point, one of the teachers got "snotty" with Camden after he became upset for getting in trouble for something he didn't do, and locked him in a room by himself, and called the police.

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