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Muslim who brandished guns at Christian conference charged for terrorist threats

Ehab Jaber flashed various firearms in a Facebook Live video after he was removed from a Christian conference, saying that people should be "very scared."

Last week, a Muslim man by the name Ehab Jaber showed up at the Christian Worldview Weekend conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Jaber reportedly was holding a Koran, and began interrupting the proceedings by shouting foul language. He was also wearing a shirt that read “I’m American, I’m a Muslim, I open carry, I conceal carry, and I’m dangerous only if you’re stupid.”

After Jaber was escorted out by a retired police officer who was working security for the event, self-described Saudi Arabian went to his car and took to Facebook live, where he proceeded to vent his frustrations. It was during this video that he began flashing rifles and pistols to the camera, saying "be scared," and "be f***ing terrified."

Watch the video here.

At the time of the original report, authorities on both the federal and state level said they had found no illegality with what Jaber had done. However, upon further review, Attorney General Marty Jackley says that Jaber clearly made a video meant to terrorize local residents.

From the Argus Leader:

Attorney General Marty Jackley said that he and Lincoln County State's Attorney Tom Wollman reviewed the Facebook Live video and said they felt Jaber's comments violated state statute, which prohibits threats to "commit a crime of violence with the intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population."

A SWAT team was dispatched to arrest Jaber on Friday, . Upon searching his apartment, authorities found methamphetamine.

If found guilty, Jaber could face five years in a state penitentiary, and/or a $10,000 fine. The methamphetamine possession case is reportedly being prosecuted by the Minnehaha County State’s Attorney.



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