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NY Democrats introduce law that would force Trump's tax returns to be released

A bill introduced in New York may force the release of President Donald Trump's tax returns. In an interview Sunday with CBS News, Trump narrowly sidestepped the issue. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Democrats in the New York Senate and Assembly have introduced a bill to require the state of New York to release tax records for any president or vice president who files a return in the state.

The bill, which was introduced Monday, would give residents a five-year look-back of every candidate's state tax returns, according to The Associated Press. It would also apply to top state positions such as governor, attorney general, and state lawmakers.

Lawmakers in more than a dozen states have drafted legislation that would require any presidential candidates in the future to release their federal tax returns in order to appear on the state's ballot, but because President Donald Trump hails from New York, legislators there say they want to use the situation to their advantage.

Democratic state Sen. Brad Hoylman of Manhattan said the state is "in a unique position to change the national conversation."

"This is drawing a line in the sand. Are you for transparency or not?" Hoylman asked. "This is an issue of national security."

Democrats run the New York Assembly, where the measure is expected to pass, but lawmakers expect it to die in the Republican-led state Senate.

Trump's tax returns have been the subject of intense public scrutiny since the 2016 presidential campaign, and the issue has come to a head as he plans to propose tax reform legislation. In an interview with CBS News that aired Sunday, Trump narrowly sidestepped the issue.

"Right now, I'm under audit. After the audit is complete. It's a routine audit, but I have a very big tax return. You've seen the pictures. My tax return is probably higher than that from the floor," Trump said.

Aside from Trump, every president serving since Jimmy Carter has released their tax returns.

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