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Jake Tapper mocks Hillary Clinton's 'absolute personal responsibility' remark

Jake Tapper appeared to mock Hillary Clinton's statement of taking personal responsibility for her election loss on his show Tuesday. Image Source: Twitter Video.

CNN's Jake Tapper snarked at Hillary Clinton for an interview where she said that she took personal responsibility for the election loss, and then assigned blame to a multitude of causes outside her control. He opened his show, The Lead, with the joke Tuesday.

"Hillary Clinton today taking full responsibility for the election loss, except for the part when she blamed Comey, Wikileaks, misogyny and the media," Tapper remarked.

Tapper has used the opening of his to occasionally nail President Trump, but his joke highlighted  the in-fighting of the Democrat party over the devastating election and where to place blame.

Hillary said Tuesday she took "absolute personal responsibility" for the loss in an interview with Christiane Amanpour at the Women for Women International conference. “I was the candidate,” she added. “I was the person who was on the ballot.”

She then went on to say that she believed she was on her way to winning until the letter from FBI Director Comey damaged her campaign, and then she placed the blame on WikiLeaks releasing personal emails hacked from her campaign associates.

“If the election had been on Oct. 27," Clinton claimed, "I would be your president.”

Clinton affirmed that misogyny in society and uneven treatment from the media also aided in her defeat.

The leading progressive voices on the left have helped drive the disunity in the party by blaming Clinton personally, and claiming that a more left-wing candidate would have beaten Trump. Both Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) criticized the party for abandoning the working class and letting monied interests determine the policies of the Democrats.

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