Providing concerts for the imprisoned makes a difference

Providing concerts for the imprisoned makes a difference
InnaVlasova/Getty Images

Doc Thompson and Andrew Herzog sat down with composer, virtuoso pianist and acclaimed performer, Eric Genuis, yesterday afternoon at TheBlaze headquarters. Together, they discussed the importance of living the Christian life, namely visiting the imprisoned. Eric spends his time these days doing exactly that. His ministry called ‘Concerts for Hope’ aims to move the souls of the imprisoned. He explains in the interview how even the most hardened criminal can be brought to tears through beauty. The beauty of music is universal.

Eric Genuis has been performing in concerts since 1997 in Krakow, Poland and continues his tour all across the country, performing at music halls, hospices, prisons, and special events. Go to to donate to Eric and his mission. Find more about Eric Genuis at

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