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Tucker Carlson shuts down Clinton adviser who said media should apologize to Hillary for 2016 loss
Fox News host Tucker Carlson debates former Hillary Clinton adviser who says media treated Clinton unfairly in 2016. (Image source: YouTube)

Tucker Carlson shuts down Clinton adviser who said media should apologize to Hillary for 2016 loss

Peter Daou is a Democratic strategist who served as an adviser to Hillary Clinton during her failed attempt to secure the Democratic nomination in 2008. His support for his former boss is unequivocal.

Since Clinton's loss to then-Republican nominee Donald Trump in last year's presidential election, Daou has defended Clinton at every possible turn. While most suggest that Clinton lost to Trump because she was a flawed candidate who had a poorly run campaign, Daou believes Clinton was dealt an unfair hand by the media.

Daou said last week that the media owes Clinton an apology, given they heavily covered the scandal surrounding her use of a private emails server as secretary of state and the coverup that followed. He even suggested in recent months that given the allegations surrounding Trump's campaign and alleged Russian collusion, the only possible way to rectify Trump's win over Clinton is to overthrow Trump and put Clinton in the White House.

Daou took his narrative to the airwaves of Fox News on Friday and debated Fox host Tucker Carlson over which candidate the media actually favored.

Carlson began the segment by laying out various pre-election New York Times reports that painted Clinton in a positive light and other reports that painted Trump in a negative light.

"The press was four square for Hillary Clinton from the moment Donald Trump got the nomination, they didn't hide it at all. And the emails that were leaked from John Podesta's gmail account prove they were collaborating with the Hillary Clinton," Carlson explained.

Daou conceded that both candidates received "very bad press," but argued the mainstream media treated Clinton very unfairly because they covered her email scandal in a way that "far far outweighed any coverage of any other Trump story," citing a study that Clinton's email scandal was mentioned for 600 consecutive days in the media.

But Carlson wasn't buying it.

"The New York Times did not run 600 days of email stories," Carlson said, breaking down in a laugh. He then proved his point by reading a section from a New York Times story published three days before the election that he found to be "erotic in its intensity."

Proving his point that the media was for Clinton and against Trump — contrary to what Daou believes — Carlson read the headline from a different Times story from the same day that painted Trump in a negative light.

"Trump is a villain, Hillary is a hero. That was the storyline in every major media organization in America," Carlson explained.

Daou said he "completely" disagrees and accused Carlson of "cherrypicking" stories that prove his point. He said that major news networks covered Clinton's email scandal six times more often than her policies, making it impossible for voters to see the true Clinton, stacking the race against her.

Still, Carlson wasn't buying Daou's narrative, citing a New York Times reporter post-election. Summarizing the reporter's comments, Carlson said: "In other words 'We tried are best to keep [Trump] from becoming president, but [voters] voted for him anyway.'"

"Isn't it clear?!" Carlson asked.

"I don't want to litigate [the reporter] and the New York Times," Daou replied. Instead, Daou suggested that the unfair narrative was that it was somehow perceived that if Clinton didn't defeat Trump by 20 points, then she was a total loser. Daou mentioned how Clinton became the first woman to ever win a major party's presidential nomination and said that America has glossed over that accomplishment.

"It grates to hear the press described as anything but what they were, which was much more in favor of Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump," Carlson shot back.

"They really wanted her to win," he explained. "They may not have liked her personally. I don't think a lot of them did. But they wanted her to win. That's just true."

Daou, however, was unrelenting in his belief that Clinton got the shaft.

"The playing field was titled against her unfairly," he responded. "Hillary Clinton did not face a fair playing field."

Carlson denounced Daou's allegation one last time. Noting that he covered the Clintons a lot as a newspaper reporter in Arkansas 25 years ago, Carlson pointed out there's a "continuity of a story line" surrounding the Clintons.

Carlson explained that the Clinton's "always make the case" that they've been "treated unfairly" and that they're "victims" of unfair treatment.

"Have you noticed this? They always say that," Carlson said.

Daou didn't have much a response to Carlson's final point other than to reiterate his point that Clinton was treated unfairly.

Watch the full interview below:

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