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Backlash after Bill Maher makes incestuous Donald-Ivanka Trump joke is swift and brutal

Image source: TheBlaze

The liberal host of HBO's "Real Time" faced serious backlash after making jokes about incest between Ivanka Trump and her father, President Donald Trump, on Friday's airing of the HBO show.

Speaking with New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman, Maher joked that Ivanka's attempts to "humanize" her father only lead him to believe that deviant sexual behavior is going on behind closed doors.

“A lot of us thought: Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace," Maher said. "When he’s about to f**kin' nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and, you know, —‘Daddy, Daddy,’” and mimicked Ivanka pleasuring her father with a lewd hand gesture. “‘Don’t do it, Daddy,'" he mocked.

For Sherman's part, he seemed extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable. Noting that is not how he sees Ivanka, Sherman tried to steer the conversation directly away from its nefarious indications.

"I think, again, she’s on the margins trying to save us — to the degree that she can — but Donald Trump doesn’t listen to anybody, including his own family," Sherman answered.

Maher, undeterred, retorted, "Be nice to Ivanka, she’s our only hope — because she seems like she actually knows rationality, but she’s [Trump’s] kid, and she’s the only one who can get to him, and you know he loves her. If he’s going to do something nutty, we’re going to depend on Ivanka going into that bedroom."

Mimicking Ivanka again, Maher said, "'Daddy, you have to apologize for that tweet where you called Angela Merkela a ‘c**t.’ You have to apologize, Daddy!”

Twitter at large was not happy with Maher's remarks or his gesticulations.

See some of the reactions below:

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