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Here is the number one issue Mark Levin says conservatives should be focusing on

Mark Levin emphasizes the importance of the push for an Article V convention of states. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The biggest news in recent days has been House Republicans successfully beginning the legislative process to repeal and replace Obamacare by passing the American Health Care Act last Thursday.

But according to conservative firebrand and radio host Mark Levin, repealing and replacing Obamacare isn't the number one issue for conservatives. In fact, Levin said Friday the top issue that should be on the radar of all conservatives is the grassroots movement to convene a convention of states to amend the Constitution.

As of Friday, 11 states have passed a resolution calling for a convention of states. Texas, by passing a resolution late last week, became the 11th state to do so.

In addition to the 11 states that have officially passed a resolution, 10 others have passed a convention of states resolution in at least one legislative chamber. Twenty-three other states have active legislation considering the convention of states.

Article V of the U.S. Constitution describes the process by which it can be amended. The Constitution lays out two amendment processes: either through Congress with approval from three-fourths of the states or through a convention of the states where at least two-thirds of states, 34 of 50, participate and three-fourths ratify any amendment.

"You wanna hear the biggest news today, the very biggest news today? The Texas House just passed Article V Convention of States resolution. The Senate already passed it. So, Texas is state number 11, state number 11 out of 34 needed," Levin said Friday.

“I am telling you, as we get closer to 20, this will be the biggest issue in front of you. The left will go crazy. They’ve already started. Their organizations are getting ramped up," he explained.

Levin continued:

Some of the conservative think tanks will start to attack as well. The Washington politicians will go nuts. The media will go nuts. I will again be called a right-wing conspiracy hack for my role, at least, in radio and my book in this effort.

But I want to congratulate The Convention of States organization, Mark Meckler, Mike Farris, Tom Coburn and their folks. I want to congratulate Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick and the conservatives in the Senate and the House in Texas.

According to the organization behind the push to call for a convention of states, they aren't currently advocating for any specific amendments, but rather amendments that decentralize power from the federal government and reallocates it back to the people and states.

Listen below via the MRC:

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