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Lawrence Jones eviscerates Wanda Sykes & Democrats for labeling Obamacare repeal effort 'racist

Lawrence Jones slams Democrats for labeling the Obamacare repeal efforts as "racist." (Image via Twitter/Fox News)

Comedian Wanda Sykes ignited controversy last week after she said the Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare is rooted in racism.

Speaking on "The View," Sykes decried the effort to replace Obamacare with a market-based, consumer-centered solution as "racism."

"That's it! They hate having a black president and they want to get rid of it. That's what it is," Skyes said.

But political commentator and TheBlaze Radio host Lawrence Jones disagrees — adamantly. During an appearance on "Fox and Friends Weekend" on Saturday, Jones explained that the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare has nothing to do with racism. In fact, Jones said he finds it "comical" that liberals are so worried about black Americans when the only thing liberal policies sow across the country is more hardship for minority communities.

"Well, I just think it’s quite comical that the liberals are so concerned about black America when they have failed my community for years, especially when it comes to health care, especially when it comes to jobs," Jones said.

"I think it’s important to note, Abby, that that 30-hour rule in Obamacare affected my community harshly," he added, referring to an Obamacare provision. "A lot of us weren’t able to get jobs and couldn’t get the necessary hours because of that 30-hour rule. I think it’s really comical that the liberals are all of sudden concerned about black America."

When asked by "Fox and Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade what he believes Sykes meant when she labeled the repeal effort racist, Jones said labeling things "racist" is a symptom of the current college climate where progressives haphazardly use the term for people who disagree with them.

"I would note that I feel like it’s racist of the Democratic Party to continue to request for our vote, to continue to get 95 percent of our vote and do nothing for our community. I think it’s insulting that they brought race into the conversation without even doing anything for our community," Jones explained. "So, I just think this is just a constant tactic to shut people down."

"But we’re here to talk about the facts today which is Obamacare is failing. It failed my community, and it’s about time Democrats start acknowledging this," he added.

Show co-host Abby Huntsman chimed to say that because Obamacare has adversely affected all Americans, including the black community, one would think that they too want a solution. But Jones said that many black Americans are complacent with Obamacare.

"I don't think they feel like Obamacare is bad right now," Jones said. "I know that's hard to believe, but they really feel that way — they feel like it's good."

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