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Charles Krauthammer destroys Obama's 'condescending' JFK speech: 'Good riddance Mr. President

Image source: TheBlaze

Charles Krauthammer called former President Barack Obama's "Profile in Courage" acceptance speech "complete moral condescension" during Fox News' Monday night airing of "Special Report With Bret Baier."

"It's been a full 100 days but it's nice to be reminded of why we should be grateful as a nation that he is gone," Krauthammer said about Obama's Sunday night speech. "There are a lot of arguments you can make on either side of the debate about Obamacare but notice how it was complete moral condescension. The other guys are cowards because I, and the people who support me, and oppose the legislation, stand with the poor and the afflicted and all of that and the others are on the side of the rich and powerful. That is nonsense."

Claiming that Obama always assumed he was "on the side of angels" during his presidency, Krauthammer said a firm goodbye to the former president.

"Obama did that all through his presidency — always assuming he was on the side of the angels and always the one who was willing to go against public opinion when it was completely the opposite," Krauthammer said. "He reminded us, reminded me, it's been 100 days, but good riddance, Mr. President."

While accepting the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s Profile in Courage award, given annually to public officials whose "actions demonstrate the qualities of politically courageous leadership," Obama took aim at Republicans and at the passing of the American Health Care Act.

During his speech, he blasted Republicans and said that it doesn't take "courage" to help those who aren't needy.

“As everyone here now knows, this great debate is not settled, but continues,” Obama said. “It is my fervent hope, and the hope of millions, that regardless of party, such courage is still possible, that today’s members of Congress, regardless of party, are willing to look at the facts and speak the truth, even when it contradicts party positions.”

Calling on politicians to do what "is right" for people instead of politicians, Obama said, "I hope that current members of Congress recall that it actually doesn’t take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential, but it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable, and the sick and the infirm — those who often have no access to the corridors of power."

See Krauthammer's comments on "Special Report With Bret Baier" below.

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