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The View' erupts over 'sexist' senators working on AHCA: 'Do any of them have female genitalia?
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The View' erupts over 'sexist' senators working on AHCA: 'Do any of them have female genitalia?

Tempers flared on Monday's airing of "The View" when liberal hosts attacked the American Health Care Act and the senators working on it as sexist.

The House on Thursday passed a Republican bill – by a very narrow margin – which aims to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Clearly displeased that a male-dominated group was instrumental in constructing the bill, the show's hosts and guest panelist Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand took the GOP to task over its lack of female inclusivity.

"When you look at the photo of the people that are deciding," Sunny Hostin said, referencing a photo of 13 senators which momentarily served as the backdrop of their panel, "working on this bill, look at the 13 senators. They’re all men."

"Do any of them have female genitalia?" Whoopi Goldberg asked. "Maybe we're missing something."

"White men," Joy Behar quipped. "White men.”

Gillibrand then noted that the lack of females working on the bill disturbed her deeply, as referenced by the above photo.

"We were really discriminated against by health care companies without Obamacare," Gillibrand said, alleging, that women have the most to lose. "We were charged more — being a mom was considered a pre-existing condition for some people."

She added, "The fact that we would be charged more because we are women, because we might get pregnant and when we are pregnant that was being considered a pre-existing condition ... it's offensive and it's troubling that there are no women," referring to the all-male troupe of senators working on the bill.

"I promise you," Gillibrand said, "if we had 51% of women in Congress, we wouldn't be debating whether women should have access to contraception and whether they should be charged more for health care, or whether we should have a national paid-leave plan."

Gillibrand's solution to health care was to simply tweak Obamacare.

"As I've traveled around upstate New York, some of the things they loved was covering kids, making sure you get coverage for pre-existing conditions, not getting charged more just because you're a woman — not getting dropped the day you get pregnant," she said, "Those really mattered."

"But for a lot of folks," Gillibrand countered, "the issue is ... sometimes it's still too expensive. Sometimes for a middle-class family, it's still taking too much of their income, or for a small business, too expensive, so one of the best solutions, I think, is if you could have a not-for-profit public option that you could buy into."

"Something like Medicare," she added, to the applause of the audience and the agreement of "The View's" panel.

"I think we should fight for it," Gillibrand declared, and said that it would make a huge difference to people who want to have basic care and can't afford what's being offered.

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