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Watch: See why this black man hauled off and slapped a white woman in the face

Image source: TheBlaze

A video featuring a black man striking a white woman across the face while on a bus has gone viral.

The video was shared to YouTube on May 5, and features a white woman arguing with a black man. The unidentified woman punctuates her speech with the n-word several times.

During the video, the man tells the woman to stop using the offending language. The woman puts her hand up to shield her face when he approaches her to get off the bus at his stop.

"Do not put your face in my face," she can be heard yelling as the man warns her, saying repeatedly, "Say it one more time, say it one more time."

The woman did, in fact, say it another time and as the man got off the bus, he slapped her across the face.

As the man left the bus, he can be heard yelling, “Keep sayin’ that s**t, you f**king b**ch!”

The incident was filmed by another passenger who, after the man left the bus, told the woman, “You shouldn’t have called him a ni**er.”

See the shocking — NSFW due to language — video below.

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