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Top Obama official Samantha Power gets brutal lesson in self-awareness after criticizing Trump's Saudi arms deal

Samantha Power tried to criticize President Donald Trump for signing an arms deal with Saudi Arabia, but Twitter quickly reminds her of Obama-era Middle East sins. (Anthony Behar-Pool/Getty Images)

Samantha Power, who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under former President Barack Obama, received a lesson in self-awareness over the weekend.

Power took to her Twitter account Saturday to criticize a $110 billion arms deal that President Donald Trump inked with Saudi Arabian King Salman on the same day. Power seemed to oppose the deal arguing that Trump just agreed to provide arms to a country that has killed innocent civilians in Yemen, a country that borders Saudi Arabia to its south.

"For a country whose attacks on civilians in Yemen -- and inability to learn from mistakes -- have been devastating to human life," Power wrote on Twitter.

In her tweet, Power appeared to appeal to a moral high road, but Twitter users weren't so convinced.

In fact, the response to Power's tweet was filled mostly with tweets slamming the former Obama official for being a hypocrite. Not only did Obama ink many arms deals with the Saudis, one user pointed out, but the Obama administration also "watched hundreds of thousands of Syrians die and did nothing."

Indeed, the Obama administration offered the Saudis more than $115 billion worth of arms during their eight years in the White House — almost $5 billion more than the deal that Trump inked Saturday — according to a Reuters report last year.

Others piled on, noting the destruction many Obama-era policies likely had in the Middle East:

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