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This is why Monica Lewinsky thinks Fox News was a 'nightmare' during Clinton cheating scandal

Image source: TheBlaze

Monica Lewinsky destroyed Fox News in a Monday New York Times op-ed which addressed her dissection by the network during former President Bill Clinton's sex scandal.

The former White House intern said that Fox News' coverage of her and her sexual relationship with Clinton was a "nightmare" and that as a result, she felt she became a "whore, a bimbo, a slut and worse" in the eyes of the public.

Titled "Roger Ailes' dream was my nightmare," Lewinsky wrote, “My character, my looks and my life were picked apart mercilessly. Truth and fiction mixed at random in the service of higher ratings. On Fox, it seemed, no rumor was too unsubstantiated, no innuendo too vile and no accusation too abhorrent."

“Other cable news channels didn’t hesitate to join the race to the bottom,” she noted. “Let’s not pretend that Fox News was the only network to cover this story in the gutter.”

Referencing Fox specifically, Lewinsky said, “The comments on television and online were excruciating. I ceased being a three-dimensional person. Instead, I became a whore, a bimbo, a slut and worse."

She continued, piling onto her perception of media destruction, "Just days after the story broke, Fox asked its viewers to vote on this pressing question: Is Monica Lewinsky an 'average girl' or a 'young tramp looking for thrills?'"

Lewinsky later insinuated that it was her story with Clinton that essentially coined the phrase "internet trolling."

"Our world — of cyberbullying and chyrons, trolls and tweets — was forged in 1998," she wrote, referencing the cheating scandal and the media circus surrounding it. "It is, as the historian Nicolaus Mills has put it, a 'culture of humiliation,' in which those who prey on the vulnerable in the service of clicks and ratings are handsomely rewarded."

Lewinsky signed off her op-ed by invoking the name of the late Roger Ailes, former Fox News Chairman and CEO, who passed away last week at the age of 77.

"Farewell to the age of Ailes," she wrote. "The late Fox chief pledged Americans fair and balanced news. Maybe now we’ll get it."

Clinton admitted in 1998 his 1995-1996 relationship with the former White House intern was “not appropriate.”

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