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White woman loses it on Latino man in crowded store: 'This is my f**king country

Image source: TheBlaze

An unidentified white woman called a Latino male a racial slur and threatened him in a Manassas, Va. area Sprint store after he he offered his assistance to her.

While on the phone, the woman tells a Sprint representative that she's "in the ghetto," and is unhappy that she's had to visit two stores to receive services she requested.

After a Latino male — off camera — offers that there's a store in nearby Fairfax, Va., the woman snaps, "I wasn't talking to you. And don't listen to my conversation."

"You better watch who the f**k you're talking to 'cause I'm not the one," she continues.

The man — still off camera — responds, "I'm Juan," but the woman isn't to be deterred.

"I don't give a f**k what your name is," she spits, and the man simply answers, "All right."

The woman continues and begins to threaten the man.

"You see my husband standing over there right? Keep talking s**t and watch and see if you're gonna meet that," she says.

At this point the Latino male can be heard saying, "I'm right here."

"I ain't got no nails on," she added. "I'll f**king fight today 'cause I ain't got s**t to break."

The Latino man says nothing audible, but the woman continues.

"I ain't scared of no f**king sp**," she says. "This is my f**king country."

After the man leaves the store, the woman can be seen — and heard — saying, "They need to take his f**king a** back to Mexico."

The entire exchange took place in front of two children, who can be seen on the far right of the screen. To note, many of the advertisements in the background of the video inside the Sprint store are printed in Spanish.

See the full video below.

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