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Wal-Mart will ban woman for life over what she said to minority shoppers

In a video that went viral, an angry white woman goes off on a racial rant against a Hispanic woman and a black woman. (Image Source: Twitter Video screenshot)

A viral video showing a white woman using racist epithets against a Hispanic woman and a black woman at a Wal-Mart will result in a lifetime ban from the retail store giant. The incident happened at the Bentonville, Arkansas, Wal-Mart.

The video begins in the middle of the altercation as the Hispanic woman says that she was just saying, "excuse me," when the woman tells her "go back to Mexico." Another shopper intervenes, and the white woman tells her, "A n****r’s calling me ignorant?" After that she tells the Hispanic woman, "We don't want you here."

The video was posted by the Hispanic woman on her Facebook page, and garnered over 18 million views.

“I never in my life thought this would happen to me. Yes me. Just on a simple trip to the grocery store after a hard day of work. I love this country and I will stay in this country. Friends please share,” she wrote.

A store manager asked the white woman to leave while allowing the Hispanic woman to stay shopping.

Initially, Wal-Mart released a statement simply decrying the altercation.

“We value and respect everyone who visits our stores," the statement read. "We have no tolerance for the language or actions of this customer and are proud that our assistant manager responded appropriately by asking her to leave the store.”

But since then Wal-Mart has also told NBC news that it will ban the woman who hurled the racist slurs for life as soon as she is identified. The store is also attempting to contact the Hispanic woman and the African-American woman to apologize for what happened at its store.

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