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Live Decision Desk results from the Montana special election

Democrat candidate Rob Quist and Republican candidate Greg Gianforte are vying for Montana's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in a special election Thursday. Image Source: YouTube screenshot.

The Montana special election has taken on national attention after the assault on a reporter by the Republican candidate, but even before that it was being seen as a weathervane to gauge the electoral mood in the country.

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Pundits are eagerly awaiting results from the special election about the Montana seat from the U.S. House of Representatives vacated by Ryan Zinke, who left to join the Trump administration.

But as some have pointed out, the altercation between the Republican nominee Greg Gianforte and reporter Ben Jacobs has only muddied the waters because the assault may sway voters to the left or right, but could be interpreted by the voters as having nothing to do with President Donald Trump.

Others, like CNN's Don Lemon, pin the assault firmly on the president, citing the many instances where he verbally assaulted the media, encouraged physical aggression against protesters at his rallies, and at one point called the media "the enemy of the people."

Going into the election, polls had the results very tight, but the assault has thrown a monkey wrench into prognosticators' predictions. To make it even more complicated, it's estimated that a majority of voters have already cast their ballots via early voting.

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