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Armed home intruder beats on elderly dad. But son also has a gun—and ends attack with lethal force.

Sheriff's deputies in Harris County, Texas, said an armed attacker broke into a home Sunday night and was beating up a father when the victim's son fatally shot the attacker. The father suffered head injuries but was expected to be OK. The attacker and another man were linked to another nearby home robbery. (Image source: KHOU-TV video screenshot)

After an intruder broke into a Texas home Sunday night armed with a shotgun and pistol, he shoved a father and mother and then started beating the dad with the shotgun, sheriff's deputies told KHOU-TV. Neighbors characterized the beating victim as elderly, KTRK-TV said.

But the attack apparently didn't last long.

The beating victim's son had himself a gun, too, and Harris County Sheriff's deputies told KHOU the son shot and killed the intruder who was attacking his dad.

KHOU said the beating victim was treated for a head injury and is expected to be OK.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office told KRTK that the home intruder had a partner — and that they previously were at a house just blocks away that same night.

Neighbor Daniel Castillo told the station that he was standing across the street from that house when he saw two men loading clothes and TVs into a car. Castillo said that he soon saw the homeowner pull into the driveway — and then things got frightening.

"Then I see my neighbor pulling inside," Castillo told KTRK, "then I seen the guy aiming the gun at him."

The homeowner told KTRK by phone that he'd been out to dinner with his wife and young son and then noticed their front door was open upon returning home. The homeowner told KTRK that robbers started shooting at his family with a shotgun they'd just stolen from his house before running off.

Deputies told KTRK  that the pair went to the nearby home where one of them was fatally shot.

The second suspect was in custody and being questioned, the sheriff's office told KTRK, adding that no names have been released and no charges have been filed.

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