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Watch: Ann Coulter calls on President Donald Trump to halt all immigration

Image source: TheBlaze

Ann Coulter called for all immigration to be banned during Monday's airing of Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” and said that it will avoid "religious" problems down the road.

“What [President Donald] Trump, for example, suggested in his immigration policy paper — the greatest document since the Magna Carta — was a temporary ban on all immigration,” Coulter said. “You have no religious problem then. Why doesn’t he go back to that? It’s both more aggressive — be very careful. Let in a few a year. We’re letting in 2 million people a year — illegal, legal, guest workers. Probably more than 2 million. And The New York Times writes, ‘Well, it’s just impossible to vet that many people coming in.’ Well, don’t let in that many people then. It’s not that hard.”

Coulter said that a temporary ban on all immigration would effectively avoid religious conflict.

“It excludes religion," Coulter reasoned. "And by the way, there is nothing unconstitutional about a religious ban."

She continued that if she had her way, she'd make the travel ban "more aggressive."

“And by the way," she added, "how is a court going to strike it down if it’s not religious at all? Right now it’s being struck down on establishment clause ground.”

Coulter said that the lack of First Amendment-type rights in Europe allows the nation to combat terrorism more easily than what the United States currently is able to do.

“In Germany, it’s a crime to support the Nazi Party," she said. "Are you worried about the Nazis today? No, but we are worried about ISIS, we are worried about Islamic terrorism. It ought to be a crime not merely to communicate but to advocate that ideology and they ought to be thrown out of the country.”

See Coulter's full remarks on the travel ban in the video below.

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