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Watch: Tucker Carlson takes liberal to woodshed for her wild, unsubstantiated claims about Sessions
Fox News host Tucker Carlson battles political commentator Wendy Osefo, who, without concrete evidence, believes Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Watch: Tucker Carlson takes liberal to woodshed for her wild, unsubstantiated claims about Sessions

In recent weeks, Democrats have emboldened their calls for top Trump administration officials, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to resign. They allege the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russian operatives to undermine last year’s election.

So far, no concrete evidence has surfaced or been presented to corroborate the Democratic narrative. The FBI, which is handling the intelligence investigation, has publicly acknowledged the existing investigation but said last October that it had yielded no evidence of collusion.

But despite the lack of evidence, the calls continue. Democrats have long called on Trump to resign but their focus on Sessions has magnified recently. And on Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked one of those voices calling for Session’s resignation, political commentator Wendy Osefo, to explain exactly why she believes the attorney general should resign his post.

What followed was nearly six minutes of Carlson grilling Osefo to no avail.

“I would think, as a progressive, you would believe in hearing evidence before reaching conclusions and due process. [Sessions] hasn’t even testified yet, these meetings [before the Senate Intelligence Committee] amount to nothing, and you think he should resign on the basis of them,” Carlson began.

But instead of addressing Carlson’s point, Osefo went on to explain why she believes Sessions should have never been appointed and confirmed attorney general to begin with, citing his personal views on the NAACP and ALCU.

“Sessions should definitely resign. He has no business in our government,” Osefo said.

Carlson said Osefo essentially believes that anyone who is “right of left” politically should not be allowed to govern.

“That kinda is the view [of progressives], I’ve noticed,” Carlson said.

The duo went on for several minutes going back-and-forth over whether or not Sessions' meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were related to Trump’s campaign or whether Kislyak and Sessions met more than twice. Both points are disputed and unconfirmed.

During the exchange, Carlson repeatedly asked Osefo to back her claims with evidence but each time she failed to do so.

“Do you see the crazy? I don’t want to be mean to you, but do you see that before you destroy someone’s life and force him out of his job and impugn his character, wouldn’t you want some evidence before you do that?” Carlson said.

Osefo then alleged that Sessions tried to assassinate Hillary Clinton’s character without evidence.

“Therefore [Sessions] deserves it now?” Carlson questioned.

After continuing to grill Osefo without progress, Carlson explained his overall point and problem with Osefo’s baseless accusations. He said:

This is the point worth defending here. And it is: You ought to be required to prove something before you punish someone for something.

If we held a criminal trial using the standards you’re outlining here, there would be a lot of injustice, don’t you think? We don’t punish people unless we can prove they did something wrong — and you can’t.

“The attorney general of the United States should be forced out of office unless you can prove he did something wrong,” Carlson emphasized. “Shouldn’t we have a higher standard before we destroy people? Or no?"

“I don’t think it's destroying him,” Osefo replied.

Sessions will be testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday afternoon. His testimony follows that of others, including former FBI Director James Comey last Thursday. The committee is investigating what role Russia played in attempting to undermine last year's presidential election.

For what it’s worth, Osefo told Carlson she believes Sessions will play the “blame game” during his testimony.

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