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Democrat lawmaker accidentally distributes documents referencing pornography. It doesn't end well.

Image source: TheBlaze

Democratic Representative Ramon Perez from Rhode Island publicly acknowledged that he accidentally provided his colleagues with a Wikipedia document which showed screenshots of web browser tabs referencing pornographic content.

Perez provided the House Finance Committee members handouts of the article to support his push to pass a bill last Wednesday.

According to a report by the Providence Journal, the document reportedly featured multiple browser tabs referencing the offending websites, though no images were seen.

The words "MILF," and another reference to teenagers were visible in the screenshot.

Perez told the Providence Journal that he is "not a pervert."

"I made a big mistake of trusting too much in people," he said. “I know people in here don’t believe me. They say that’s the excuse everybody makes. But I think it is a possibility because I don’t check that page ... that stupid page.”

Additionally, Perez acknowledged his snafu to CBS affiliate WPRI that he was "extremely" embarrassed, but claimed that the document was provided to him by a friend whom he had asked to research the information he was seeking.

The browser tabs were discovered by members of the House Finance Committee and were recalled by a clerk shortly thereafter. Perez claimed that he submitted a clean document the next day.

"Now I think everyone is looking at me differently," Perez told WPRI about the incident. "I have never dealt with a situation like this before."

Perez took to Facebook last Friday, and claimed that the incident was an oversight, but has since deleted his account.

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