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Gay conservative destroys gay liberal over democracy while being subjected to unhinged, vicious rant

Image source: TheBlaze

An openly gay California man identified as Jeff LeTourneau — co-chair of the Orange County Democratic Party — was caught on camera lambasting fellow gay men in a political rant because they were Republican.

While petitioning to remove Sen. Josh Newman (D-CA) over a proposed gas tax bill, Carl DeMaio and his husband, Johnathan Hale, were accosted by LeTourneau outside of a local Wal-Mart and eviscerated for their "disloyalty" to the LGBTQ community as they dared to identify as Republican.

“You belong to a f***ing party that writes our destruction into its platform!” LeTourneau blasted DeMaio and Hale. “Get your s**t and get out of here!”

Of the couple, LeTourneau said, "You are a f**king disgrace to any gay person I know, you piece of s**t.”

DeMaio — a conservative talk radio host, as well as a former Republican San Diego city councilman — and Hale — San Diego Gay and Lesbian News publisher — stood their ground and refused to back down, despite LeTourneau's increasingly unhinged behavior.

“You can intimidate all you want, sir," they said repeatedly. "This is the democratic process.”

LeTourneau became increasingly agitated as he turned on Hale — who was filming — as well as those signing the petition, and even on a Wal-Mart manager who came outside to diffuse the situation.

“I’m here as an openly gay person on Pride weekend seeing these two people disgracing my community and letting them know I don’t care about them. They’re liars! They’re liars!” LeTourneau cried. “You do not belong to our community. You also do not belong to the LGBTQ community either.”

In a statement to Fox News, DeMaio said:

“LeTourneau clearly thinks that if you are gay, you can only be a Democrat which is both arrogant and highly offensive. The idea that Californians are sick of paying higher taxes cuts across party lines and sexual orientation.”

Throughout the altercation, Republican DeMaio and Independent Hale remained calm and asked LeTourneau repeatedly to stay calm and to back away.

See the exchange in the video below.

Correction: Hale is identified as a registered Independent. Corrections are reflected in the copy above.

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