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Black Lives Matter movement failing? Insider calls the movement 'tyrannical

Image source: TheBlaze

An activist inside the Black Lives Matter civil rights group called the movement "tyrannical" in an interview obtained by Buzzfeed and released on Thursday.

In a piece titled "What Happened to Black Lives Matter?", an unnamed member of the movement claimed that there's a "do what you're told" mentality within the group, which can cause divisiveness within the group.

"There’s a tyrannical element," the insider added, and seemed to insinuate that some of the group's unity is mostly for show, and issues are often suppressed in order for the movement to appear more sound.

The member, who spoke to Buzzfeed under the promise of anonymity, also claimed that if higher-ups within the movement knew who was spouting information about the group's precarious position, the result could be worse than the social setbacks currently facing the movement.

"I think the fallout will be greater than the concerns that are troubling us," the insider admitted. "I'm surprised people even wanted to do a story like this."

The unnamed member claimed that the two major obstacles facing the BLM movement are a lack of funding as well as leadership support.

Noting that the group is somewhat "forced" to promote a sense of unity and belonging, the movement doesn't offer much in the way of support from local chapters.

Florida activist Donna Davis, who was willing to go on the record, added, "Does the talent to meet those challenges exist in the Black Lives Matter organization? Absolutely it does. Problems that arise are an opportunity to get things right. But we can’t pretend that we’re not plagued by some of the issues and concerns that have taken down the movements in the past. We’re not immune to it."

Black Lives Matter's Austin founder, Margaret Haule, added, “A lot of us were looking for support, cues or direction, and we weren’t getting it. If emergencies came up, there would be conflicting messages. [We watched as] some chapters were given more attention than others.”

Despite insiders giving a look into what allegations of what really goes on within the Black Lives Matter movement, Shanelle Matthews — the Director of Communications for the Global Black Lives Matter Network — told Buzzfeed, “We are committed [to] keeping our people safe and building our power. We are also committed to building movements with more integrity, dignity, and inclusiveness than ever.”

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