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Kellyanne Conway and CNN host get into extremely heated exchange, host becomes irate

Image source: TheBlaze

CNN host Alisyn Camerota simply refused to stop interrupting Kellyanne Conway after asking Conway the same four questions, even though Conway responded four times.

During a Friday interview, Camerota asked Conway what The White House was planning on doing to thwart further alleged Russian hacks into the United States electoral system.

Conway patiently answered the question in varying ways three times, but Camerota was not satisfied.

"My question for you is 'What is The White House' — what is President Trump now doing to prevent Russia from doing this again?" Camerota pressed.

Conway responded, "He has been very clear, on the record, that he believes in any type of numbers of measures to make sure that democracy flourishes, and that voter integrity is intact."

Conway went on to continue, but Camerota interrupted her once again and said, "Such as? ... What is he doing, specifically, to try to stop this?"

"Alisyn, I realize that we just like to say the words 'Russia, Russia' to mislead the voters and I know that CNN is aiding and abetting this nonsense as well, but you've asked me this same question three times now and I've answered it."

Clearly triggered, Camerota exclaimed halfway through Conway's remarks, "Kellyanne!"

See the full exchange in the video below.

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