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Here's how Michael Moore showed his support for the anti-Trump Shakespeare play

Filmmaker Michael Moore posted a check for $10,000 on his social media account made out to the Shakespeare company that performed the controversial play that had a Trump-like figure assassinated. (Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images)

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore showed just how much he supports the controversial Shakespeare performance that featured a Trump-like figure being assassinated by posting a check on his social media account.

It was made in the amount of $10,000 to "the Public Theater."

"So here's my donation & sponsorship to The Public's Shakespeare in the Park in support of their right to free speech," he explained in the tweet.

The controversial performance of "Julius Caesar" has been cited by many right-wing outlets as the exemplar of left-wing hate speech and hysterical rhetoric. Others have pointed out that there was a performance in 2012 of the same play with Julius Caesar as an Obama-like figure, and there was no similar outrage then.

Moore explained that he was donating the proceeds from his Broadway play because the outrage had caused corporate donors to pull out of their support for the Shakespeare performance.

Moore encouraged others to donate to the performance in the name of free speech.

The stage play was disturbed by far-right protesters who screamed at the actors that they were acting like Nazis. The play's performance in Central Park ended June 18.

Other performances of Shakespeare in the Park in different cities have reported death threats from Trump supporters who mistook those plays for the one in New York City.

Critics of the outrage point out that part of the moral of the play was that chaos and disaster ensue when law and order is disturbed by the assassination of Julius Caesar, which would be the opposite of encouraging the killing of such political leaders.

Moore has been a vehement detractor of President Donald Trump, at point even suggesting that a military widow shouldn't have let him use her grief for his aggrandizement at his speech before a joint session of Congress.

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