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GOP senator issues heartfelt tweet about his father's death. Liberals immediately inject politics.

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake announced his father's death on Twitter Monday night, and users immediately injected politics into the tragedy. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake announced on Twitter earlier this week that his father passed away. While many social media users put politics aside and sent their condolences, others used the passing of Flake's dad, Dean Flake, as one more way to push their political agenda.

"The finest man I've ever known passed away today, Dean Flake. My hero, my idol, my father," Flake tweeted Monday night. Dean Flake was 85.

A number of the replies to Flake's tweet were sympathetic.

"Deepest condolences from Nevada. We may not always agree on issues, but our dad's are our shared reason for fighting. RIP," one person wrote.

"Politics aside, I'm sorry for your loss," another wrote.

Others, though, didn't exactly show compassion. Instead, they decided to use the senator's loss for the purpose of politics.

Specifically, a number of users who replied to Flake's tweet used the event of his father's death to criticize the GOP Senate health care bill, called the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

"My condolences. However the #BCRA is going to cut funding for nursing homes which means a lot of elderly people dying in the streets," one user responded.

"I hope he had the healthcare to take care of him in his old age," another commented.

Yet another person wondered whether Flake's dad would "advise you to take health care away from the poor?"

"No hero would," the user added.

One more person tweeted that Flake's father "probably died of a broken heart because his son has betrayed this State in every way."

"At least your Father had Healthcare. Now he can RIP," the tweet added.

The users' seeming inability to put politics aside, even amid another's loss, led one Twitter user to declare Twitter "the worst place on Earth."

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