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Watch: Nancy Pelosi suffers puzzling episodes during NYC appearance

Image source: TheBlaze

Nancy Pelosi during a Sunday event in New York City appeared to suffer bouts of memory loss during a speech that centered around Obamacare.

About her father, Pelosi said, “He was part of a group called the Berkson Group and they did rallies and pageants and parades and um, and when he stood up on the floor of Congress, ‘I stand here as a representative of the ..." and trailed off, gazing at the audience at a loss for words.

Recalling what she was saying, Pelosi continued and added, “members of the Jewish army.”

Speaking about Obamacare, she said, "Home care — some, you know, people are at home but they still get care from, uh ... from Medicaid,” she said, once again lapsing into silence while staring at the crowd.

Later, continuing to talk about Medicaid, Pelosi added, "It will have a tremendous impact on what families can do for their children ... ” and motioned with her hands, as if searching the air for the words, and added, “with relationship to what they need to do.”

See the strange video below.

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