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Eric Bolling: If the GOP passes this health care bill, they'll get 'slaughtered' in the midterms

Fox News host Eric Bolling said that the Republicans would lose the House of Representatives in 2018 if they passed the current health care bill as proposed. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Fox News host Eric Bolling said Wednesday that the Republican Party would get "slaughtered" in the midterm elections of 2018 and lose control of the House of Representatives if they passed either of the current GOP bills to "repeal and replace" Obamacare.

Bolling was asked to comment on conservative commentator George Will's opinion piece on the GOP health care bills. Will derided the GOP's plan to "repeal and replace," saying the current House and Senate bills really only "tweak and move on." He concluded that the efforts would only solidify Obamacare, concluding, "even if the tweaks constitute significant improvements, Obama will have been proved right when, last October, he compared the ACA to a 'starter home.'"

"So this will be one of the very few times I agree with George Will," Bolling said. "I mean, he comes from the more establishment moderate end of the Republican Party. I'm a little bit further right, more conservative."

"But I agree with him," he explained, "I think this is an opportunity to tweak what they have. They have Obamacare, the Democrats can own it, they can eat it in 2018."

"Tweak it. Make sure people don't get thrown off their health insurance, until you get through the election," he added.

"If you, if the GOP takes this bill right now," Bolling said, "under the current standards, premiums are going to rise into the 2018 election — they're gonna get slaughtered at midterms."

"They're gonna turn the House back to Democrats," he warned.

Bolling later said that he thought the GOP should table health care altogether and tackle it later: "Think about this for one second. Table it say, 'We're gonna get to this when we can get to it, we want to make it right. Not make it fast, but make it right.'"

"Then go on to tax reform," he continued. "Everyone across the board whether you're Democrat, independent, or Republican, you want some sort of tax reform. It's better for the whole economy. Move on to infrastructure. Get those two under your belt and then tackle health care later. What's the rush?"

"It took Obama years to do it, the GOP is trying to do it in five months," he concluded.

Bolling was an early supporter of Trump but has been an outspoken critic of both the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives and the bill proposed in the Senate.

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