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Media gloats about Trump's low approval ratings — then poll reveals their humiliating ratings

A new poll reveals the media has a lower approval rating than President Donald Trump, despite the media continually highlighting Trump's low approval. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Since President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January, the mainstream media has highlighted Trump's below average approval ratings.

Indeed, Trump has seen some of the worst approval ratings of any president in their first months on the job ever — or at least since the approval records were kept.

According to the Gallup daily presidential approval tracking poll, Trump reached a majority disapproval just days after assuming the White House. And over the last several months, the large gap between those who approve of Trump's job performance and those who disapprove has remained steady.

A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Thursday found that Trump's approval rating stands at 42 percent while his disapproval rating stands at 53 percent — an ll-point gap.

That was down from March when the same poll found that Trump's approval rating was in positive territory. At the time, the poll found Trump's approval rating to be 47 percent while his disapproval rating was at 44 percent.

The decrease in approval from March surely did not go unnoticed by the media. The New York Times' Glenn Thrush highlighted the poll on Twitter:

However, in a twist of irony, the same survey also polled how favorable or unfavorable America views the media.

It turns out, according to the USA Today/Suffolk University poll, that Americans dislike the media more than they do the president.

When asked how they view the media, only 36 percent of respondents said they approve of the mainstream media while an majority 50 percent said they disapprove of the press.

No members of the media highlighted their low approval ratings.

Among other approvals, only 37 percent said they approved of the Republican Party, while just 36 percent said they approved of the Democratic Party.

And the lowest approval? That unsurprisingly belongs to Congress. The poll found that just 19 percent of Americans approve of their job.

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