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Male news anchor makes an apparent masturbation joke on live TV — and then this happens.

Image source: TheBlaze

The news team at Buffalo, New York's WGRZ — a local television station — lost it after a male news anchor who was discussing a segment on rechargeable lightbulbs seemed to make a joke about masturbation on live television.

During the segue between the lightbulb segment to the local weather, anchor John Beard spoke to the network's meteorologist, Maria Genero, referencing the lightbulbs, but with a heap of innuendo.

“Speaking of do-it-yourself, that’s your kind of thing, Maria,” Beard told Genero. “You love doing it yourself,” he added.

Genero, clearly taken aback, began to laugh and launched into her forecast before pausing and making her own joke back to Beard.

"Sometimes, yeah," she laughed.

The two — including off-camera staff — began cracking up immediately, and Genero could hardly maintain her composure.

When the cameras turned back to Beard, he could be seen laughing silently, but hilariously, into his coffee cup, attempting to hide his hysteria.

Aside from the laughter of the anchors, there was dead silence on the set — the weather forecast had been all but forgotten.

Turning to the cameras on the set, she said, "Good morning, we're back to reality," before falling into another fit of laughter.

"This is what I have to work with, see? I’m here doing the weather and I can see what’s going on in the background," Genero explained. "It’s always some kind of shenanigans.”

See the hilarious segment in the video below.

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