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Watch: Jesse Watters uses facts to school Antifa member who wants to use violence against Trump

Fox News host Jesse Watters debates antifa member who wants to use violence to oust President Donald Trump. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

On his show Saturday, Fox News host Jesse Watters debated a young Antifa member from Boston who recently wrote a letter calling on his fellow anti-Trump comrades to use violence to oust President Donald Trump from office.

So-called Antifa protesters — short for "anti-fascist" — protested nationwide on Saturday. They unequivocally oppose Trump and his administration and often use violence against Trump's supporters. They are attributed to violent protests that ravaged Washington D.C., during Trump's inauguration, in addition to many, many other clashes across the country, including violence protests in Berkeley, California.

Indeed, the Antifa protesters are brazen about their use of violence. One member from Boston, who only identified himself to Fox News as "Kevin" for fear of being doxxed, recently wrote on essay on an anarchist website that said violence should be used to oust Trump from office.

"It is time for liberals and progressives to lose their illusions about the anarchist movement and our tactics because, quite frankly, you have no one else willing to fight for you," Kevin wrote.

And once live on his show via Skype, Watters wasted no time grilling Kevin.

He began by questioning Kevin over a comment he made to one of the Fox producers, where he reiterated that if it takes violence to get what his movement wants, then "so be it." But when pressed, Kevin backtracked and accused Watters of mischaracterizing his comments.

"We only want violence in self-defense from aggression by these racists and xenophobes that come and attack us at our peaceful protests," Kevin claimed.

Watters followed up by questioning who exactly is attacking the Antifa groups. Kevin claimed it has been "racists."

"Klan members have been attacking you guys?" Watters inquired.

"Right-wing Trump supporters. Trump supporters fall under that category," Kevin clarified, explaining that all of Trump's supporters are racist.

While Kevin was making those claims, Watters was playing clips of Antifa members attacking people at violence protests.

"We're looking at video right now...and we don't see a lot hand-to-hand combat, we just see a lot of your crew smashing windows and lighting things on fire," Watters said. "How is that self-defense?"

When pressed on the issue, Kevin said all of the violent action Antifa members take is in response to "right-wing aggression."

"Was it in self-defense when you firebombed a limousine during the inauguration?" Watters shot back.

"Yes," Kevin replied matter-of-factly.

When cornered with the fact that the owner of that limousine was a Muslim immigrant, Kevin began to dodge Watters' points.

"Well, you know, a lot of violence committed by so-called Antifa members is actually committed by these right-wingers, who basically seek to make us look bad," Kevin said.

Watters then asked whether or not a police horse that was stabbed in the neck by an Antifa member last month was a "racist Trump supporter." Kevin said the horse was because the animal belonged to the police, who Kevin alleged are waging a war against American minorities like people of color and immigrants.

When asked what is group's goal is, Kevin said its to "smash the fasc," explaining that the "fascists" are "right-wingers who attack us." Unsurprisingly, Kevin said he voted for Hillary Clinton in last year's presidential election, but was originally a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

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