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Former CEO says men don't know business is 'structurally' sexist, and they don't care

Former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns told CNN's Poppy Harlow that the business world was "structurally" sexist, and male CEO's don't "give a hoot" about it. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

Former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns spoke to CNN's Poppy Harlow about women's issues in the business industry, and said that not only do men not understand how it is structured against women, but they don't care. She gave an example from President Trump's administration as evidence. The interview was published Tuesday.

"You said recently structurally business is still made for men, still. Why?" Harlow asked.

"Absolutely, generally it's because it's run by men still," Burns responded. "And they don't have a clue what 'structurally made for women' is about. And they are generally not, this is generally, I'm gonna get tons of crap on this, but I'm gonna say it anyway, they generally don't give a hoot."

"Men don't give a hoot?" Harlow asked.

"Yeah, about the structural changes needed. They care about women," she clarified, "but we're asking them to do some pretty hard things here, and I'm gonna give you an example of this that's also gonna get me in trouble, but I don't care right now."

"We have this women's health discussion that's happening in Washington," she explained, "the health discussion and the woman part of it. And today, they called people who would be important to listen, the president called people who would be important to listen, to come in and talk about it."

"So somebody had a camera watching the people as they left the meeting," she said. "It was really interesting to realize that there was not one woman in the meeting talking about women's health issues."

"And this is part of the problem with business as well, sometimes. Is that there is a lack of a clear voice, clear understanding and a clear voice, in the room about what's actually happening."

"So how do you fix it?" Harlow asked. Burns said CEOs simply have to hire more women. "But it's ridiculous," Harlow responded, "that I think it's like 19 or 20 Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs."

"Yeah I'm not even talking about CEOs, by the way I love the idea of CEOs, but there are a whole lot of jobs out of the 500 CEO jobs," Burns said.

According to Fortune Magazine, there are 32 female CEOs, or a little more than 6% of the total number.

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