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Jeffrey Toobin says Simpson hearing an 'absolute disgrace,' O.J. showed no remorse

CNN's senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin excoriated the parole hearing officers for O.J. Simpson, calling it a "absolute disgrace." (Image Source: YouTube screenshot.)

CNN's senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said that the parole hearing of O.J. Simpson was an absolute disgrace because he was allowed to mislead about his violence-ridden past, even aside from the murders he was acquitted of. Toobin made his comments on CNN with Brooke Baldwin.

"I thought I had lost the ability to be appalled, to be nauseated, to be outraged by the behavior of O.J. Simpson," Toobin said.

"But I thought his statements were self-justifying, self-pitying, showing no remorse, no understanding, no sense of reality about his own life," he continued. "He claimed that he had led a 'conflict-free life' - put aside the murders, which I think he committed, but he was acquitted of."

"How about the fact that he repeatedly beat the hell out of Nicole Brown Simpson, and she called 911 all the time on him," he angrily related, "and he is a convicted and confessed domestic abuser?"

"No acknowledgement of that," Toobin emphasized.

"I don't know who these parole people were, who seemed catatonic, and not even listening to anyone and what they said. The guy with the Kansas City Chiefs tie, very impressive for a former NFL guy who is the defendant," Toobin said sarcastically.

"Look, he's probably gonna get parole," Toobin predicted, "under the law as I understand it, he's probably entitled to parole, but what an absolute disgrace this was."

Toobin made the prediction that O.J. was going to be let out on parole, which turned out to be correct. The former NFL star was on parole over his 2008 conviction for threatening memorabilia dealers he believed held some of his personal items illegally. While he was paroled for some of the charges in 2013, he was still serving time for other related offenses.

The Nevada parole board voted unanimously for his early release Thursday.

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