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Democrats announce their new slogan, and it sounds a lot like this pizza motto

Democrats were mocked on social media for their newly unveiled slogan which sounded a lot like a popular pizza company's motto. Getty Images)

The Democratic party has been trying to rebrand itself after the disastrous 2016 election that saw both the executive and legislative branches fall to Republicans, but their progress might be stymied by a very familiar slogan they just chose.

Vox's congressional reporter Jeff Stein first tweeted out their decision.

"A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages" clearly intends to hearken back to the New Deal, a Democratic set of policies meant to grow the power of the government in response to the Great Depression.

But others saw a more recent inspiration for the motto, one not quite as political.

"This is the Papa Johns slogan," tweeted conservative lawyer Gabriel Malor. "Also, this is an odd choice, given that the Democrats just got finished exclaiming over the resurgent Obama economy."

The Papa John's pizza delivery motto is very similar: "Papa John's. Better ingredients. Better pizza."

This began a flurry of mockery from snarky social media critics only too eager to mock the beleaguered Democratic attempt to polish its fallen and beaten brand.

Stein added that the motto was the result of "months of polling and internal deliberations among the House Democratic caucus," which was also mocked on social media.

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