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Piers Morgan calls out J.K. Rowling after she is caught spreading deceptively edited video of Trump

Piers Morgan calls out J.K. Rowling after she was criticized for spreading fake video of President Donald Trump. (Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for Advertising Week Europe)

Political commentator Piers Morgan called out author J.K. Rowling Saturday, one day after she was criticized for helping spread a deceptively edited video that sought to make President Donald Trump look bad.

Rowling, known worldwide as the author of "Harry Potter," went on a viral Twitter rant Friday eviscerating Trump for supposedly snubbing a child recently who only wanted to shake the president's hand.

"This monster of narcissism values only himself and his pale reflections," Rowling claimed.

However, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the video Rowling tweeted out was deceptively edited and a full video of the incident showed that not only did Trump not snub the young boy in the wheelchair, but he gave the child a considerable amount of attention.

Despite the fact that the video was debunked, Rowling decided not to delete her original tweet that helped spread the fake video, which has amassed more than 75,000 retweets.

That is what Morgan called her out for.

"So @jk_rowling still hasn't deleted her lies about Trump snubbing a disabled boy? Why not?

She is all about honesty, right?" Morgan wrote on Twitter Saturday morning.

"He DID shake the boy's hand," he added. "Delete these lies."

Morgan and Rowling, who are both British, are known to take shots at each other on Twitter. They made headlines in February with an intense back-and-forth, and again last month after Morgan sent Rowling a passive aggressive "congrats" for the 20th anniversary of "Harry Potter."

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