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Here's how Krauthammer sizes up congressional Republicans under Trump

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer called the Congress a "bust" and a "huge disappointment." (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer went through a list of political achievements since President Donald Trump was inaugurated, and concluded that the Congress has been a "bust" and a "huge disappointment."

"These are all achievements," he said, "they are undeniable. They are mostly presidential achievements."

"The fact is the Congress has been a complete bust," Krauthammer concluded. "And that I think has been a huge disappointment."

"Here they are they've been saying for seven years," he said, "give us control, give us the signature in the White House, we will do great things. And on the great things they did nothing."

"The Obamacare repeal was an epic fail," he continued. "They had seven years to work it out. And for some of the senators it was a matter of bad faith. When they had a vote to repeal, knowing that Obama wouldn't sign, they voted to repeal. When they had the same vote to repeal knowing that President Trump would sign, they voted the other way."

"That I think is going to be a big millstone around the neck of the Congress for a very long time," he concluded.

The Obamacare repeal bill passed in the House of Representatives, but the Senate tried to pass their own bill from scratch and failed in a dramatic vote that had Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) make his way to vote after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Republican officials have indicated they have not given up on repeal and replace, but so far they have been beset by in-fighting and ideological disagreement.

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