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Trump takes a swipe at CNN's Jim Acosta after Charlottesville press briefing

President Trump accosted CNN's Jim Acosta again after a press briefing about the heinous attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Image Source: Twitter video screenshot.)

After a deluge of angry denouncements at what some called a tepid rejection of the white nationalism that appeared to animate a horrific attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump made a clearer statement Monday. But when he was asked why he wasn't taking questions, he took the opportunity to take another swipe at CNN's Jim Acosta.

"Mr. President can you explain why you did not condemn the hate groups by name over the weekend?" Acosta asked.

"They have been condemned," Trump responded, "they have been condemned."

"And why are we not having a press conference?" Acosta continued. "You said on Friday we'd have a press conference."

"We had a press conference," Trump said, "we just had a press conference."

"Can we ask you some more questions?" Acosta added.

"It doesn't bother me at all, but I like real news, not fake news," he responded.

"You're fake news," the president said while pointing his finger at Acosta, and walking away.

The exchange was caught on cameras.

The president and Acosta have been engaged in a feud of sorts, with Acosta constantly attacking the administration in what some say are biased reports, while Trump and his allies frequently accuse him and CNN of perpetrating "fake news."

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