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French president spends twice as much as French citizen's monthly wage — just on makeup

French President Emmanuel Macron was discovered to be spending on makeup more than twice what the average French citizen earns in a month. ( LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images)

Critics are taking newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron to task over rather large bills he's accruing just for one expense — makeup. According to recent economic indicators, he spends more than twice as much for makeup than the average French citizen earns every month.

Macron won a shocking landslide victory in May in the French election, and has paid out about 24,000 euros in those three months, approximately 8,000 euros per month, or about $9,450 in U.S. currency, the Daily Mail reported.

The average French citizen earns just under 3,000 euros a month, or about $3,430 in U.S. currency.

The 39-year-old Macron signed off on the expenses from his mysterious makeup artist known only as "Natasha M." She works on the president before every public appearance.

"We called in a contractor in as a matter of urgency," a spokesman for the president said, according to the Daily Mail, explaining that the makeup artist helped during Macron's presidential campaign as well.

But he's being criticized by the opposing party, including one member who called Macron a "hyper-vain president."

"He thinks nothing of spending thousands on himself, at a time when he is just about to start cutting jobs," he said. "It seems that he just wants to hide his real face. It would be interesting to see what the first lady Brigitte is spending on make-up too!"

Macron's aides said that his cosmetics bill was expected to decrease and that other French presidents had spent about the same for makeup services.

Macron is France's youngest leader since Napoleon Bonaparte.

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