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Katie Pavlich: ACLU response to liberal outrage over white baby 'abhorrent and disgusting

Conservative Katie Pavlich assailed the ACLU for capitulating to liberals who complained that their picture of a white baby was furthering "white supremacy." (Image Source: Twitter video screenshot.)

The American Civil Liberties Union began a political firestorm earlier in the week over just one tweet. And when they were appraised of the situation, they made it even worse.

Here's the offending tweet:

The missive echoes a common phrase used for jokes on Twitter, "this is the future liberals want." But instead of a negative connotation, they offer a glimpse of the future they are striving for.

The smiling child bears a shirt reading "free speech," and holds an American flag.

Unfortunately for many, associating "the future" with a blonde-haired white child was too much. They took to Twitter to register their outrage, and quickly caught the attention of conservatives.

The overreaction prompted a quick self-denunciation from the ACLU, who posted a tweet affirming the idea that merely posting an image of a white child was in support of "white supremacy."

And that's when even more outrage and scorn was heaped on the tweet, this time from those coming from the rightward point of view.

Conservative Katie Pavlich assailed the ACLU's absurd social media capitulation on Fox News:

"The thing that it does it trivializes real racism and it trivializes real problem," she said.

"I mean Charlottesville is nothing compared to an innocent baby holding an American flag that is put out by an organization that claims to represent everyone," she added, "but apparently they think that innocent white babies can be put into same category as white supremacists and that is dehumanizing, and abhorrent and disgusting."

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