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Sebastian Gorka pushes back hard against mainstream media narrative about his WH exit

Sebastian Gorka explains that he wasn't fired, and he actually resigned from White House. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Sebastian Gorka, now former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, was fired on Friday — or was he?

According to many in the mainstream media, Gorka was fired. But the national security expert sought to clear his name in a radio interview on Saturday where he directly refuted the narrative that he was fired by chief of staff John Kelly.

What the media said

Media members who cover the White House for mainstream outlets reported Friday night that Gorka did not resign, despite the fact that he claimed he did in a scathing resignation letter.

What Gorka said

Speaking with Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM, Gorka clarified that it was his decision to resign.

"Let’s get everything on the record, I decided to resign last week," he said, explaining that he made the decision after Trump's speech on Afghanistan this week.

Gorka explained that it was tension inside the White House that led him to resign his post. He wanted to implement Trump's promised nationalistic agenda, while other more powerful forces want Trump to stay away from a nationalist agenda, Gorka explained.

"I don’t want to go into the palace intrigue stuff — had too much of that — but the fact is, the forces of MAGA, the Make America Great Again faces, the policy people like Steve Bannon, my old boss inside the White House, have been systematically undermined, many of them fired from the NSC," Gorka explained, simplifying Trump's "MAGA" platform to fixing the economy, building the border wall and defeating the Islamic State.

"So, I decided, just as with Steve [Bannon], we can be far more effective for the president on the outside," Gorka explained. "And it’s a very exciting day for me and my family at the start again to support the MAGA message as private citizens."

Fox News reported Saturday that Gorka may be headed back to Breitbart News in his post-White House days. He was previously the site's national security editor.

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