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Keith Olbermann labels Betsy DeVos a horrible word — the backlash is brutal and swift

Keith Olbermann labels Betsy DeVos a slanderous word, and the backlash is swift. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Liberal political commentator Keith Olbermann aired his displeasure with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on social media Saturday and labeled her a horrible word.

What he said

Olbermann's tweet came in response to tweet from DeVos, who offered her prayers to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"The hurricane is going to do less damage to schools than you are, Motherf****r," Olbermann wrote.

Image source: screenshot

The response

Rightly so, Olbermann was raked over the coals for the tweet, which seemingly came out of nowhere and was for no apparent reason.

Double standard city

Olbermann's tweet perfectly exemplifies the double standard that exists between Republicans and Democrats in politics — especially the disparity between Democratic women and GOP women. Could you imagine the outrage if a conservative commentator would have labeled an Obama administration cabinet woman a "motherf****r?"

Yeah, neither can I, because no one ever dared thinking of doing such a thing due to the wave of backlash that would have uprooted their career.

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