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Florida college professor invokes politics to try to explain Harvey

A University of Tampa professor in Florida said that Hurricane Harvey "kinda feels like" instant karma for Texas because it is a Republican state. (Image source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A college professor said over the weekend that the devastation wreaked upon Texas by Hurricane Harvey "feels kinda like" instant karma for the state because it traditionally votes Republican.

The professor's stunning statement came as millions were displaced by the Category 4 storm, which CNN meteorologist Tom Sater described as a "1 in 1,000 year event," according to Axios.

“I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas," Ken Storey, visiting assistant professor of sociology at the University of Tampa in Florida, tweeted Sunday, according to Campus Reform.

"Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesn’t care about them," Storey reportedly added.

One Twitter user later replied to Storey, saying, "Lots of good people in Texas Ken. May want to rethink this one."

According to a screenshot published by Campus Reform, Storey doubled down, insisting that people in Texas "need to do more to stop the evil their state pushes."

"I’m only blaming those who support the GOP there,” Storey clarified.

The same Twitter user applied the same logic to Storey's home state of Florida since it, like Texas, voted for President Donald Trump.

"I guess since we're a red state we deserve some karma too, right?" the individual wrote.

“Yep, those who voted for him here deserve it as well,” Storey said.

The Florida professor has since deleted the tweet. On Monday, he issued a separate tweet expressing "regret" for what he said.

"I deeply regret a statement I posted yesterday. I never meant to wish ill will upon any group. I hope all affected by Harvey recover quickly," Storey tweeted.

A spokesperson for the University of Tampa did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Hurricane Harvey is responsible for at least eight deaths in Texas, including an entire family of six. Millions were forced out of their homes and thousands had to be rescued from flood waters.

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump will visit Corpus Christi on Tuesday to survey some the historic damage.

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