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Harvey survivor reaches missing father on the phone — his reaction will get the tears flowing

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Aaron Mitchell, a resident of Aransas Pass, Texas — one of Hurricane Harvey's hardest-hit areas — was reconnected with his father, whom he presumed was missing after the storm's flooding, via an emotional phone call.

CNN caught the moment on camera and shared a video of the tearful telephone exchange Monday.

The backstory

Mitchell, whose home was completely destroyed by the storm, told CNN's Nick Valencia that as a result of the hurricane, he had been unable to make cellular calls and had not been able to get in touch with his father.

Mitchell revealed to CNN that he had walked 12 miles — the distance between Mitchell's own home in Aransas Pass and his father's home in nearby Rockport — to find his father but was unable to locate him.

"There's been no cell service since Thursday, Friday," Mitchell told CNN. "Haven't gotten hold of anybody. If my mom and dad is watching, I'm OK."

He added, "'My mom's in Oklahoma and my dad, there's no telling where my dad's at. I'm here in Rockport, waiting on you."

After presenting his story to CNN, Mitchell was then provided a satellite phone by the network on which he was able to connect with his father.

The emotional response

When Mitchell heard his father's voice on the other end of the line, he became extremely tearful and visibly expressed his relief at being able to locate and speak with his father.

During the increasingly emotional phone call, Mitchell can be heard saying, "OK, Dad, I'm going to jump on a bus. I'll be there."

It was not immediately clear as to where Mitchell's father had relocated.

"Are you OK?" he asked later in the conversation.

Before disconnecting the call, Mitchell wept, "Dad I love you," and assured his father that he was going to be on a bus to see him soon.

After the emotional phone reunion, Mitchell told CNN that the storm had "terrified" him.

"I felt like 'The Wizard of Oz,' man. I was scared. I've seen a lot of things but that terrified me," he said. "I just lost everything I worked for. Everything. The only thing I got are the clothes on my back."

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