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Liberal TV host mercilessly mocks Antifa: 'Oh s**t, it’s vegan ISIS!\

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Trevor Noah, the liberal host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," tackled the topic of Antifa on Thursday night, and said they were nothing more than "vegan ISIS."

Noah featured footage of a Antifa members breaking Starbucks windows in what one member describes as a "symbolic act."

Then the comedian launched into a tirade against the loose-knit organization's cause and methodology.

Noah's Antifa mockery

Laughing, Noah said, "Seriously, though, breaking a window is a 'symbolic act'? You might think it’s some deep statement, but most people see that and think, 'Great, now I’ve got to walk a whole block up to the next Starbucks.'"

"Like, who is that supposed to convince? What are you trying to do?" he asked. "It definitely doesn’t convince the Starbucks guy, the person who’s gonna be in the store cleaning up the glass, like, 'Yeah, they made a good point about fascism. I understand what they mean. I understand it.'"

"You’ve got these Antifa members who believe that smashing s**t is all they should do," Noah said.

Noah then addressed a video montage of Antifa members assaulting people indiscriminately.

Referring to the fracas in the video, Noah said, "You see, now, here’s the real problem: It doesn’t matter what your noble goal may be, it doesn’t matter what you say you’re fighting for. When people see that, all they think is, 'Oh s**t, it’s Vegan ISIS.'"

"Because you don’t realize when you think you’re punching Nazis, you don’t realize that you’re also punching your cause," he continued.

Noah concluded, "Because your opponents, they’ll just use every violent incident to discredit your entire movement, and they make it seem like ... in a world where white supremacists have a friend in the White House, the real problem is you guys."

This is the second time this week Noah aligned himself with conservatives

During Tuesday's show, Noah attacked those railing against first lady Melania Trump for wearing stilettos on the plane to visit areas in Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

"Here’s my thing: I don’t know why anyone should care what anyone wears when they’re on their way to help people," Noah said about criticism of the first lady. "People were like: ‘Why is she wearing those heels when she’s gonna help people?!’ Like who cares? Cut. Her. Some. Slack."

Earlier that day, one of Melania's staunch media critics — The Daily Beast — dedicated an entire article to analyzing the first lady's choice of footwear.

"Spiky pumps are completely appropriate footwear for a hurricane zone, right?" Hayley Jones, the article's author, chided.

Incidentally, when Melania exited Air Force One upon landing in Texas, she was sporting a pair of tennis shoes.


Warning: the following video contains profane language. 

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